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Our Identity

The existence of multiple conceptions of man and of life leads to a diversity of educational proposals. Within the respect of the laws governing the rights and duty in this matter, our College offers an educational model to families and society, based on the style of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, founder of the Marist Institute.

We do our thinking that to teach children properly, we must love them, and love them all equally. According to this principle, the particular characteristics of our educational style are: presence, sincerity, spirit of family, love to work and to follow the model of Mary.

Our students are at the center of our interest in all that concerns the organization and to school life. We assist them to acquire knowledge, to develop their skills and grow in value through the discovery of themselves, others, nature and God.

We follow the example of Marcellin:

• We encourage young people to always be better.

• We pay special attention to the weaker students.

• Encourage the active participation of all components of the educational community (students, parents, teachers, former students).

We intend to achieve in our students self-confidence, teamwork, the acceptance of responsibility, creativity, critical thinking, the sense of the transcendental ... , offering, for this, a truly holistic education.

We are trying to make the main protagonists are the students themselves/the, with their work organized and constant, that I am the most interested in their own personal and academic training.

We are in constant communication with the parents of the pupils, who are the main responsible for the education of children and young people who come to our classrooms through circulars, reports and personal interviews.

All this is done by a group of teachers with experience, preparation, teamwork and constant renewal of teaching. With the assistance of the Administration and Services staff who are doing their job with professionalism.

We have with the suggestions and collaboration of the the A. P. A in the development of our daily activity, supporting on all extracurricular activities and the aimed at parents of students.